Research Pack

Ansapack’s varied product portfolio has been made possible by our research and development centre. Research Pack is Ansapack’s research and development division that is the backbone of our innovative and modern product portfolio. Right from the start of the company, we have always focused on trying to do things better and more effectively for our customers. This strategy is a long-term one that will always keep Ansapack ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and competitiveness.

Ansapack’s Research Pack team is dedicated towards formulating new methods to either replace conventional packaging or to improve the existing product in the market. Through Research Pack, we are able to understand our customer’s needs and actually deliver the goods that match these requirements. At Research Pack, we can develop a brand new packaging option for a customer from the ground up to match non-available market specifications. We can also modify the existing product to improve its effectiveness, performance and quality.

Through our Research Pack division, we are confident of undertaking almost any primary packaging project in the world. If we do not already produce the packaging requested by our customer, our research team will be able to develop a customised solution. The same team can also help to replicate existing packaging method used by the customer and re-develop it to suit changing market and regulatory needs.

The Research Pack team at Ansapack is involved in a lot of real-world research. We are constantly evaluating the safety of our products to find ways in which we can improve them. We apply our energy towards innovating new methods which may help to reduce the actual cost of packaging and the weight of the material, thus offering crucial savings to our customers. A prime example of this is our effort to reduce the size of the strip pack used in packaging by using a higher strength material. This can give savings across primary, secondary and tertiary packaging. Often, we are also tasked with finding a solution for a customer who may not know how to package the product correctly for different market and weather conditions.

Our Research Pack team holds a number of different patents and is actively filing new patents as we innovate with fresh ideas. Our team members are from many countries across the world including Germany . The team is routinely successful in finding new packaging methods thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery and application centre. Ansapack has good relations with industry machinery manufacturers and this helps us understand the technical requirements and limitations of the machines used by our customers. Our tie-ups and efforts allow us to be ready with applicable solutions for our customers.

Our applications laboratory is equipped with an ELMACH 3010 machine that offers a real-world substitute. As the machine is a full-scale machine, we can ensure that our products do not have any problems while being used in customer applications. Our scientific machinery at the plant includes gas chromatographs, infrared spectrometers and GC-HS used for headspace chromatography. Through the use of modern equipment, experienced scientists and real-world machinery, we at Ansapack can offer solutions that are simply not available elsewhere.