Pharma Flexibles

Anspack’s Pharma Flexibles division is a leading player in the Indian market. While maintaining a market share of over 11% in India, the division also exports pharmaceutical packaging products across the globe. The Pharma Flexibles division operates both in the generic and specialised markets. The production process is moulded and nurtured by the Research Pack team. This ensures cost competitiveness while maintaining the highest possible standards as expected in pharmaceutical primary packaging.

Ansapack can help customers save money and avoid importing packaging material. Our heavy investment in technical research has made the company capable of producing goods that match the specifications of regulatory bodies in customer-end markets. We make Pharma Flexibles that match or exceed quality standards required globally.

The Pharma Flexibles division is capable of helping customers with packaging design as well. Packaging can be re-designed or designed ground up based on the needs of the customer and the applicable regulations. The re-designing process can also help in reducing material usage, optimising primary, secondary and tertiary packaging size and substantially reduce transport costs. Our products are tested on real packaging machines and not on proofing machines. This ensures the actual factory-floor performance of the packaging material.

The Pharma Flexibles plant at Ansapack uses FDA compliant ingredients and raw materials that come into contact with medicines. Only the best quality raw materials are used for the manufacturing process. Often, Ansapack imports raw materials to ensure globally competitive quality. The company’s manufacturing process is ethical and focused on hygiene and quality.

Ansapack’s facilities are amongst the best-in-class in Asia. India’s largest conversion facility is run by us over an area of 75,000 sq. ft. The finishing stages of the primary packaging facilities at Ansapack are Class 100000 (ISO 8) environment validated. All manufacturing areas have filtered and controlled environments to ensure safe and hygienic production. Ansapack can stock more than 1,000 tons of raw material to eliminate the chance of stock-related production delays. The Pharma Flexibles division can produce over 7200 tons of end packaging per year.