Folding Cartons

Ansapack is not content with simply offering the primary packaging solution. Our folding cartons are manufactured to a high standard and are highly customisable. Using the latest available technologies, we are able to ensure colour consistency and adherence to standards across large batches of cartons.

Ansapack offers solutions that range across hot foil stamping, metallised cartons, embossed cartons, braille cartons, sheet labels, security cartons and rigid cartons for the secondary packaging industry. Our security cartons are unique to each customer and produced under non-disclosure terms. This ensures absolute safety and anti-counterfeiting performance of the packaging material. In order to support our strong quality control targets, raw materials for the Folding Cartons division are sourced both locally as well as globally. Ansapack is involved in the whole process of conversion from raw material right up to the finished product. We even go so far as to produce the in-carton literature that is often required for pharmaceutical applications, using an automated folding system. Ansapack also makes 3D printed cartons and scent printed cartons, something that is extremely popular with our perfumery clientele.

In our Folding Cartons production line, we use an Inpress machine that minimises human interference in the production process. This ensures a high degree of repeatability and consistent quality. This is particularly true when dealing with colour matching which is often found to be a problem area in packaging materials. Even our older packaging machines are installed with image control systems that allow them to perform up to the new specifications. Ansapack has a strong focus on automation to help us match the expectations of our customers. Our folding cartons are exported across the world.

We are particularly proud of our live product testing facility that is housed in our Research Pack division. This one-of-its-kind-in-Asia facility allows us to produce a live demonstration of the packaging product on a real packaging machine, not on a proofing machine. This allows us to fine tune the process to work in the real-world.

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