What We Do

Ansapack offers multiple packaging options ranging across industries including Pharmaceutical Industries, Cosmetics, Industrial Goods Packaging and Food & Dairy. As a multi-faceted packaging company, we can offer complete and unique solutions to meet the exact requirements of our customers. Ansapack can have everything you need delivered to you in a single shipment!

How We Do It

Ansapack is one of the few one-stop packaging companies in the world. With a primary focus on the pharmaceutical industry, Ansapack offers primary, secondary and tertiary packaging and printing with a highly focused product package designed to meet individual customer needs. All our Ansapack products are made in-house and that enables us to offer superior quality and more effective solutions to our customers. Simply put, we offer the best solutions at competitive prices with unmatched market-leading quality. With a mix of imported and domestically sourced raw materials, processed through our internationally sourced machines, Ansapack can give you the ultimate packaging solution.

The backbone of the Ansapack ethos is Research & Development. We have our own dedicated Pack Research Laboratory where products are continuously tested and innovated, keeping us ahead of the game and future ready. Ansapack has the unique distinction of having real-world testing facilities which mimic customer production centres, thus ensuring superb quality and product effectiveness. Between our Pack Research Laboratory and testing facilities, Ansapack holds patents and copyrights on our innovations making us ready for anything that our customers demand.

Ansapack manufacturing plants are geographically located close to each other to ensure our firm control on quality and to help double up our capacity when meeting a customer’s requirements. With a financially firm footing, Ansapack is growing globally into one of the world’s leading packaging companies.

Who We Are

Ansapack was founded in 1988 and is a family owned, professionally managed company. From the outset, we have always believed in research to take us ahead of the market and allow us to offer the best solutions for our customers. With this strategy in mind, we have grown from being a generic packaging company into the one company that offers unique and diverse solutions. Ansapack products are sold in 23 countries across the world. We are proud to be the chosen supplier of packaging materials for thousands of global customers.

Ansapack is headquartered in Mumbai, India with our research facility in suburban Mumbai and manufacturing plants spread across Maharashtra and Gujarat.


Our mission at Ansapack is to be the globally chosen supplier of packaging materials and solutions. We aim to always exceed our customer’s requirements and remain future-proof through our dedication to research and development. Ansapack has a mission to remain environmentally sustainable at all levels of our production process – sourcing, manufacturing and recycling of used packaging material. Through our various efforts we aim to remain the quality benchmark in the industry.