Cost Savings

At Ansapack, our ideology is one of constant improvement. With this ideal in mind, we are always seeking ways to improve productivity and efficiency, both in our own manufacturing units as well as in our customers’ units. Improved efficiency and innovation backed by our Research Pack team means one thing: profitability.

Our positioning as a one-stop-shop service provider to customers puts us in a position where we can greatly reduce costs. We do this through innovation, process improvement and good management.

  • • Innovation helps us devise new ways to pack existing products. We may research new materials or stronger material grades that help to reduce raw material input in our packaging products. We have often been requested by our customers to come up with an all-new packaging solution from the ground up. We are also proactive in this endeavour, offering our technical support to help our customers.

  • • Process improvement involves better planning in all the steps of the packaging process. Whether it involves sharing new machinery ideas with our customers or implementing new production processes at our units, we are always keen to take the next step.

  • • Good management involves timely deliveries and efficient planning. Our factories always maintain a large stock of raw material, ready for deployment towards any customer’s order. We are able to avoid market shocks from material supply problems. We also plan our deliveries together so that our primary, secondary and tertiary products are delivered to our customers in one or just a few shipments.