Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are probably the most commonly manufactured packaging material. For us at Ansapack, this division holds a strong emotional value as it is where our company first took its roots. Today, Ansapack produces over 1,500 tons of corrugated box material each month. We operate out of a 24-hour facility which provides an unparalleled service to customers. Ansapack can provide just-in-time solutions for the customer.

Ansapack’s Corrugated Boxes division produces over 66,000 different products. These include boxes themselves, trays and partitions. The production process at Ansapack is biased towards automation which helps us achieve the quality levels that we seek. At our Corrugated Boxes division, we also provide printing solutions in various colours to help our customers brand their boxes as well. Ansapack exports corrugated boxes across the world.

Our throughout-the-day production and high quality solutions are unrivalled. Contact us and we’ll help you Get Ansapacked™